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Welcome to Leo's Homemade Ice Cream! All of our ice cream is made fresh at our store in Carlisle, PA. We have a variety of traditional and unique flavors to choose from while in store, as well as pints and ice cream pies to take home with you. 


Every flavor makes you rethink what you currently believe about ice cream - creamy and rich, Leo's does it right.


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The Inspiration


Tom Leo

Owner and Founder

As a Pennsylvania Native, Tom Leo's earliest memories are of being on his family's dairy farm, which sold milk out of glass bottles and ice cream made by his father. Years later, Tom found himself experimenting with his own ice cream creations at Leo's Dairy. Over several years, he perfected his craft while making ice cream from the farm's milk.

Tom opened his own ice cream store in 2003, in the cozy town of Boiling Springs, PA. After gaining recognition for the quality of his ice cream and variety of flavors, He moved the store to Trindle road in Carlisle, PA. Leo's was located there for 7 years, before moving to its current location on High Street, in 2014. This location is within walking distance from Downtown Carlisle, as well as Dickinson College. Leo's has a wonderful outdoor seating area for the warmer months, as well as several tables and benches inside for once it gets colder. 

Leo's has become a staple in the community and prides itself on providing a place for families and friends to gather and enjoy great ice cream while also creating lasting memories.